As GRAPPA Food Industry and Trade Inc., we respect everyone's personal data. In accordance with Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data. We show due care and sensitivity to personal data and take necessary measures to ensure that the personal data we process is processed and protected under the law.


  • Data subject: The natural person, whose personal data are processed.
  • Personal data: Any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.
  • The processing of personal data: Any operation which is performed on personal data, wholly or partially by automated means or non-automated means which provided  that form part of a data filing system, such as collection, recording, storage, protection, alteration, adaptation, disclosure, transfer, retrieval, making available for collection, categorization, preventing the use thereof.
  • Data filing system: The system where personal data are processed by being structured according to specific criteria.
  • Receiver group: The category of real or legal person to whom personal data is transferred by the data controller.
  • Explicit consent: Freely given, specific and informed consent.
  • Data Controller: The natural or legal person who determines the purposes and means of processing personal data and is responsible for the establishment and management of the data filing system.

Data Controller

Pursuant to the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, your personal data can be processed by GRAPPA Food Industry and Trade Inc. based on the scope described below.

Method and legal reason for collecting personal data

The personal data of the customers categorized as the customer transaction data is processed due to the execution of the commercial contracts signed and the company's ability to fulfill its legal and commercial obligations. We collect the information transmitted by the customer in the physical document environment or electronic (e-mail) environment and through the website contact form correspondence

It is the responsibility of the person to ensure that the personal data collected within the scope of the business relationship with our company is accurate and up to date.

The visual and audio recordings of everyone within the boundaries of business facilities is collected in order to establish or protect the right of business security owned by the company and within the scope of occupational health and safety, in order to fulfill the legal obligations of the data controller. The data is collected electronically by recording the camera systems installed within the boundaries of the workplace. Information about the camera recordings is also made in places deemed necessary within the boundaries of the workplace.

Personal data in the category of identity and health information of people visiting the production facilities; since the requirements of the legislation on food safety are fulfilled and the data controller can fulfill its legal obligations, it collects on the forms in the physical environment filled in at the entrance to the facility

Purposes of Processing Personal Data

GRAPPA Food Industry and Trade Inc. processes the personal data of its customers for the purposes stated below.

  • To carry out the necessary work by our related business units for the realization of the commercial activities carried out by our company and to carry out the related business processes in accordance with the legislation;
  • Taking and evaluating suggestions for improvement of business processes,
  • Follow-up and execution of finance and accounting works,
  • Execution of goods / services buying and selling processes,
  • Execution of commercial contract processes,
  • Ensuring the safety of the food produced and carrying out the activities in accordance with the legislation,
  • Providing information to authorized persons, institutions and organizations,
  • Ensuring physical locality security, information security, managing the security processes of movable goods and resources,
  • Creation and tracking of visitor records.

To whom and for what purpose the processed personal data may be transferred

Our customers' personal data processed for the purposes and reasons mentioned above should be transferred to the competent public institutions in order to fulfill the company's legal obligations; and for the accounting purposes to the accounting units.

Audio and visual recordings are transferred to authorized public institutions and organizations if requested within the scope of legal obligations stipulated by law and to resolve legal disputes.

The rights of the person mentioned in the Law No. 6698 on the protection of personal data

As the owner of personal data, you have the following rights in accordance with Article 11 of Law No. 6698.

  • To learn whether his/her personal data are processed or not,
  • To demand for information as to if his/her personal data have been processed,
  • To learn the purpose of the processing of his/her personal data and whether these personal data are used in compliance with the purpose,
  • To know the third parties to whom his personal data are transferred in country or abroad,
  • To request the rectification of the incomplete or inaccurate data, if any,
  • To request the erasure or destruction of his/her personal data under the conditions referred to in Article 7 of Law No. 6698.
  • To request reporting of the operations carried out during the rectification of the incomplete or inaccurate data, if any, or the erasure or destruction of his/her personal data, to third parties to whom his/her personal data have been transferred,  
  • To object to the occurrence of a result against the person himself/herself by analyzing the data processed solely through automated systems,
  • To claim compensation for the damage arising from the unlawful processing of his/her personal data.

As part of your applications under your rights mentioned above, you can submit the application form provided on the website to our company by filling out the following methods. The contact information to submit the application form is given in the form.

You may submit your application form in accordance with Article 13 of the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and Article 5 of the Comminuque On The Principles And Procedures For The Request To Data Controller; in writing or by using your e-mail address which you have previously notified our company and which is registered in our system.

Your applications will be completed free of charge as soon as possible and within thirty days at the latest, according to the nature of the request. We reserve the right, however, to charge you for any further costs, in accordance with the tariff set by the Personal Data Protection Board.

Your request, which you specify in your application, may be accepted or rejected after the required examination. Your response to your application will be notified in writing or electronically. If the request in your application is accepted, the requirement will be fulfilled. If the application is caused by our error, the fee will be refunded if there is any.



During my visit to the production facilities in GRAPPA Inc., I declare and accept that my personal data collected by the company as a data controller is processed within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and that I have been informed about my rights in this regard before the data processing activity.